• I woke at sunrise. Perhaps it was the muffled stillness that roused me. Half asleep I made my way to the bedroom window. I looked out and found a familiar landscape transformed. During the night, what was later referred to as Los Angeles' "first historic snowfall" had fallen in silence, cloaking the ground and trees, covering the landscape with what looked like golden "dust". As a photographer, what I continue to look for in the landscape and in my images was described perfectly by my wife. "That first snowfall set in motion both the search for a view of equal enchantment, as well as a visual memory in search of meaning." Photography allowed a longing for place to lead me to search for points of connection within the world of nature, and a deeper exploration of my own "inner landscape".
  • Oscar Wilde said of another medium, "Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter." I hope that the feelings and human concerns imbued in my own work strike a chord of recognition in the hearts and imaginations of the viewer.
  • From 1970 to 1982 I walked Martha's Vineyard Island in the company of two essential bounders. Know as "the girls", Shoes and Mantis were Island natives, canines born just off Music Street in the Island town of West Tisbury. By my side, out ahead or off on adventures of their own design, these two "outlaws" and myself left thousands of disappeared prints in the sandy soil. Companions and family, these two animals were witnesses to my photographic evolution and efforts as I created a visual interpretation of this island.
  • I continue to photograph "islands" on the mainland - an abandoned orchard, a field of rye, an ancient tree. Hoping to find moments of wonder, I continue to search for "gold dust."

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